Property Information

The City of Revelstoke seeks to provide available information when possible for the public and real estate professionals to better understand details about different properties throughout the City. 

It is important to note that the City cannot provide information about whether or not a particular development proposal will be supported for those that are interested in purchasing a property (e.g. can a piece of land be subdivided). Applicants are required to go through a formal application process to understand whether or not their development proposal can be supported and what requirements they need to meet.  

Prior to submitting a request to the City for information about a property, it is recommended that individuals utilize the publicly available tools on the City’s webpage and review applicable bylaws. It is encouraged to use the City’s Interactive Map where you can search a property and see if there are any active permits, check the zoning, the Official Community Plan land use designation, whether or not the property contains steep slopes, and other relevant information.

For those that are seeking further information about a property, the City can provide a Comfort Letter for a fee. Applicants are required to complete the Comfort Letter Application below, and indicate what information they are seeking about a specific property. Only one Comfort Letter may be submitted per property. 

Please note that you must download the linked PDF form in order to be able to utilize the fillable PDF function and sign