Developer-Led Public Information Meetings

Applicants may be required to hold Public Information Meetings before Council considers their development application. This gives community members the opportunity to learn more about the proposal beyond the information included in the standard application referral and public hearing process. Additionally, holding a Public Information Meeting will allow for any potential issues or concerns to be brought up and addressed early in the development application process. 

Public Information Meetings may be required for the following types of applications: 

  • Official Community Plan Amendments
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendments
  • Temporary Use Permits

During a pre-application meeting, staff will discuss the scope of application with the Applicant to determine if a Public Information Meeting is required. If a Public Information Meeting is required, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to host the meeting, provide notification of the meeting to the public, and create a summary of the engagement for submission to City staff. Public Information Meetings must be held prior to Council consideration of an application. 

For Applicants that are required to hold a Public Information Meeting, it is recommended that you review the Public Information Meeting guide below. Upon request from an Applicant, staff can provide a template for completing a Public Information Meeting Summary Report as well.