Mobile and Street Vending

Mobile vending is business that is carried out entirely from a mobile unit, whereby, the entire stock of goods, wares, merchandise, or foodstuffs offered for sale is actually carried and contained within a unit that is designed to be or is mobile at the time the items are offered for sale within a fixed period of time (i.e. Food trucks and trailers, bicycles, carts, etc.).

Vending on Private Land - Requirements to Operate 

  • Mobile vendors are regulated by the Business Licencing Bylaw and require a valid City of Revelstoke Business Licence to operate anywhere within the City. This includes submission of the Business Licence application with the following:
    • Business proposal summary 
    • Property Owner Authorization – if applicable 
    • Proposed location and site plan 
    • Technical Safety BC Approval (Certificate of Electrical / Gas) – if applicable 
    • Interior Health Approval – if applicable
  • Mobile vending (i.e. food truck) on Private land is a regulated use within the Zoning Bylaw. The subject property's zone must allow a restaurant/café use in order to allow a mobile vendor use and be able to apply for a business licence to operate in the City. 
    • A FOOD TRUCK in the Zoning Bylaw means a restaurant that is operated out of a motorized, mobile, self-contained vehicle that is equipped to cook, prepare and/or serve food or beverages.
  • The Mobile Vendor Guide outlines Fire Department requirements for food vendors

Vending on City Land - Requirements to Operate 

  • The City requires submission of a Mobile Vendor - Special Temporary Street Vendor Application at least 30 days before proposed start date.

Events with Mobile Vendors on City Property 

The organizer of any event or activity that is proposed on City property (i.e., green spaces, parks, streets, sidewalks and parking lots) will need to submit a Special Event Permit application to the City's Parks, Recreation & Culture Department (PRC), if the event organizer plans to have mobile vendors operate at their event they must include this information with the application. Permit applications should be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event.