Resort Municipality Initiatives (RMI)

Online Application

The deadline for the 2018 RMI funding is April 26, 2018 by 4:00 pm.

Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) Grant Application Guidelines:

Funding is available for projects that are focussed on achieving the following key RMI outcomes:

  • increasing resort activities and amenities;
  • increasing visitor traffic;
  • increasing private investment;
  • increasing employment in the community;
  • increasing the tourism component of the local economy;
  • increasing municipal tax revenue; and
  • diversifying the municipal tax base and revenues

Eligible Projects will be priorities based on their ability to address the priorities of theRevelstoke’ 5-year Tourism Destination Plan:

  • A year round destination
  • A multi-day stay
  • A recognizable destination brand
  • Long term tourism planning
  • exceptional visitor servicing
  • exceptional visitor access
Funding is available for:

  • Capital projects – improvement, acquisition or development of tourism related infrastructure and        equipment.
  • Program projects – events, tours, concerts, festivals, markets, including equipmentrequired for these programs.
  • Operations/Maintenance – limited amounts of funding (up to 10% of annual funds) maybe made available on an annual basis for operations or maintenance of tourism infrastructure projects.
Funding is NOT available for salaries or administration fees.
Grant Applications will be accepted in the following format:

  • Applicant identification – name of organization, name of contact person, mailingaddress, email address and phone number.
  • Title of the project;
  • A project description (what is being done);
  • A project rationale (why is it being done);
  • Milestones – include project start date and completion date
  • Project Budget – include funding sources and project costs
  • Project outcomes and how they will be achieved
  • Additional community benefits
  • Performance evaluation and monitoring strategy -identify how the actual outcomeswill be measured
  • Project Manager – name of person responsible for the project
  • Capital project operating responsibilities -Identify who will be responsible for operating the infrastructure and how will operating costs be financed