6. What about housing expenses?

The median monthly rent for a three-bedroom unit in Revelstoke rose by $159 in 2019 to $1,800, a whopping 9.7 per cent increase, compared to a 6.5% increase in Metro Vancouver. Shelter continues to be the most expensive item in the living wage budget, and the fastest growing in many communities.

To help curb runaway rental costs, we continue to call for maximum rent increases to be tied to the unit, not to the tenant, to safeguard housing affordability. We also call for the protection of existing affordable housing stock.

Also of note is that vacancy rates across the province continue to be near-prohibitively low. Our living wage calculation assumes the family is able to find a 3-bedroom apartment to rent, but in some communities there are very few options for rentals.

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6. 6. What about housing expenses?
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