What it is the Revelstoke TELUS Insights project?

Using large sets of aggregated wireless network data, the Revelstoke TELUS Insights Data Project provides a 1-year analysis of the City of Revelstoke's population beginning in May, 2018 and continuing until April 30, 2019. The information provided includes origin and quantity of visitors, monthly comparisons of population metrics, and average dwell times. The data will be used by the City of Revelstoke and the City's designated Destination Marketing Organization (the Revelstoke Accommodation Association) to more accurately identify:

  • the true resident population of Revelstoke throughout the year,
  • the number of monthly visitors to Revelstoke,
  • the point of origin of visitors, and
  • how long they are staying in the community

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1. What is TELUS Insights?
2. What it is the Revelstoke TELUS Insights project?
3. Why is Revelstoke conducting this project?
4. Who is leading this project?
5. What about privacy?
6. What kind of data will be collected?
7. How will the data be used?
8. How will the City communicate the findings with the public?
9. What is the project timeline?
10. What are the next steps?