TELUS Insights

May 2019 - City of Revelstoke, British Columbia

With TELUS Insights, the City of Revelstoke in British Columbia, was provided with data to show that in 2018 their community was home to almost double the number of residents identified in Canada’s national census just two years prior. This new information will enable better planning for just about every aspect of community life, including housing, education, social services, healthcare, policing, transit, roads, waste management and more.

The data also provides the city with accurate tourist counts, pinpointing the busiest times of the year, the length of visitor stays and where those visitors come from, better informing destination marketing efforts.

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2019 - TELUS Insights

The City of Revelstoke is pleased to share preliminary data on the resident population and visitor traffic to Revelstoke. The information was collected by TELUS Insights, which uses de-identified and aggregated data to help public and private organizations, as well as all levels of government, make smarter, more informed decisions based on real-world facts. TELUS Insights uses industry-leading privacy standards to ensure that no personal information is used as part of the study.

The project was initiated by the City in partnership with the Revelstoke Accommodation Association (RAA) and Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR) in 2018, with the objective of obtaining wireless network data that would provide reliable, updated information month over month on the resident and visitor populations of a prescribed Revelstoke Study Area.

This information is intended to support destination marketing for the tourism industry, and provide relevant data for the purposes of city planning. The data  will help also us to understand the impact of the increased volume of both visitor traffic and resident population on the City’s infrastructure and services.

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