Development Cost Charges Bylaw Update

August 15, 2018 - Development Cost Charges Bylaw Update

Council Meeting August 14, 2018:

Council has set a public information period of two weeks to inform the residents about the background report and the draft bylaw and to allow time to gather feedback from the community. 

Click here to view DCC Bylaw with First Reading complete.

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Click here to view the Background report from McElhanney Consultants.

July 13, 2018 Update - Please see below links for the latest reports and information regarding the DCC Bylaw:

Committee of the Whole July 12, 2018:

Presentation 1 - Projects

Presentation 2 – Rate options and Impacts

Council Meeting July 10, 2018:

Council Report 

Community Engagement Summary

Committee of the Whole June 14, 2018:


Council Meeting May 8, 2018:

Council Presentation 

June 19, 2018 Update

The City is working on an update to the Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaw. Consultation with the development community is underway, however it’s great for the public to be aware of the process as well. It has been about a decade since the last update to the rates charged for new infrastructure required for development, and the project team have been working on this for several months. The project team provided an update to Council’s Committee of the Whole last week, outlining the five step process for developing the rates, these steps are shown in the image arrow-39526_960_720

DCC Cost Charge 6.18

One of the most important steps is determining the projects needed to accommodate growth in the community. All of the projects come from reports, studies and masterplans that the City has commissioned over the past decade and each one was assessed for its inclusion in the bylaw based on whether the project need would be triggered by development, and whether this would occur within the next 20 years. arrow-39526_960_720

Total Project Cost

Probably not a surprise to most people, an upgrade to the Sewer Treatment Plant is one of the highest priorities, as well as one of the most expensive items, coming in at about $30M of a total project list of about $70M. Other big ticket items include trunk watermain upgrades from Greeley into the City, expanding the capacity of sewer lift stations, and upgrading the capacity of the Illecillewaet Bridge crossing and the 4th Street corridor; all required to ensure there is capacity for new development. The full list of projects is shown in the presentation.

Newly introduced for this bylaw, is a DCC for parks and trails. Of the $5M of identified Parks projects, approximately $1.7M has been allocated to development, with the rest to be collected through taxation and user fees. For those who noticed, the “MAF” in the table, this is the “Municipal Assist Factor”, which is commonly set at 1%, however as Parks is a new DCC category, the project team is recommending setting this at 50%, with periodic review of this value in the future.

The full presentation to Council can be seen here.

Any comments on the population estimates, projects, costs, and DCC’s can be forwarded to