Swim Lessons

Revelstoke Aquatic Centre

We offer a variety of swim button_sign-up-for-swim-lessons Opens in new windowlessons for all ages, from 4 months to adults! For current swim lesson information and program overviews please view our Leisure Guide. 

The Lifesaving Society Swim for Life program is a comprehensive swim lesson program that focuses on the development of fundamental swim strokes and skills for learners. Instructors ensure swimmers get lots of in-water practice in every lesson. Swim for Life includes fun, hands on activities that focus on teaching Water Smart education for the whole family. Lessons that will last a lifetime!

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Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are dependent on instructor availability. private-swim-lesson-form Opens in new window

Please fill out this private lesson form and email it to aquatic@revelstoke.ca or call 250 837 9351 #5.


  • Swim lessons are subject to change based on demand and instructor availability.
  • Children must be enrolled in the correct class for their ability. 
  • If your child is enrolled in a swim level that does not suit their ability, we reserve the right to withdraw them.
  • If you are unsure of your child’s swim level, bring them in for a free swim assessment prior to registration. 
    The assessment can be arranged during any public swim session.

Adult Swim Lessons - Guide 

Level 1

Whether you need help learning to float, glide, or kick, this level will help to get you started on developing water confidence and swimming skills. Fitness drills and activities suitable to your swimming level will increase your strength, endurance, and confidence to perform the skills unassisted.

1. Enter & exit shallow water
2. Jump into deep water, return & exit
3. Sideways entry wearing PFD
4. Tread water (30 sec.) wearing PFD
5. Hold breath under water (5-10 sec.)
6. Submerge and exhale(5-10 times)
7. Open eyes under water
8. Recover object from bottom in chest-deep water
9. Wearing PFD, jump into deep water, tread 30 sec. & kick on back (5-10 m)
10. Float on front & back
11. Roll laterally front to back & back to front
12. Glide on front, back & side (3-5 m each)
13. Flutter kick on front, back & side (5-10 m each)
14. Whip kick in vertical position (15-30 sec.)
15. Front crawl or back crawl (10-15 m)
16. Interval training: 4x9-12 m flutter kick with 10-15 sec. rests
17. Water Smart Messages

Level 2

Do you already know how to swim but need some help with strokes and technique? Fitness drills and activities suitable to your swimming level will increase your strength, endurance, and confidence to perform the skills.

1. Standing dive into deep water
2. Forward roll entry into deep water with & without PFD
3. Tuck jump (cannonball) into deep water
4. Tread water (1-2 min.)
5. Handstand in shallow water
6. Front somersault (in water)
7. Swim underwater (5-10 m)
8. Canadian Swim-to-Survive® Standard: Roll entry into deep water, tread 1 min. & swim 50 m
9. Flutter kick on back (5 m); reverse direction roll to front; flutter kick on front (5 m)
10. Flutter kick on front (5 m); reverse direction roll to back; flutter kick on back (5 m)
11. Whip kick on back (10-15 m)
12. Whip kick on front (10-15 m)
13. Breaststroke arms drill (10-15 m)
14. Front crawl & back crawl (25-50 m each)
15. Interval training: 4 x 25 m flutter kick with 15-20 sec. rests
16. Interval training: 4 x 25 m front or back crawl with 15-20 sec. rests
17. Sprint front crawl (25 m) is.
18. Water Smart Messages

Level 3

Adult Level 3 is for swimmers who already know how to do front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, can tread water for 2 min, swim 100 meters and are all around comfortable in the water. In this level you will work on your endurance, strokes, diving, eggbeater and surface support.

1. Shallow dive into deep water
2. Stride entry into deep water
3. Compact jump into deep water
4. Legs-only surface support (30-60 sec.)
5. Back somersault (in water)
6. Swim underwater (5-10 m) to recover object
7. Eggbeater kick or scissor kick on back (10-15 m)
8. Breaststroke (25-50 m)
9. Front crawl & back crawl (50-100 m each)
10. Head-up front crawl (10-15 m)
11. Interval training: 4 x 50 m front or back crawl or breaststroke with 30 sec. rests
12. Sprint front crawl, back crawl, or breaststroke (25-50 m)
13. Workout (300 m)
14. Water Smart Messages